Outsourcing your warehousing to a 3PL company is almost the same as outsourcing any service in your company. Much like using an IT or HR provider, 3PL experts have what it takes in terms of infrastructure, tools, and space to help you do the job efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, at a low cost. We make it so there is no need to lease space buy equipment and software along with all the other capital investments associated with product storage and fulfillment. We take care of the details, so you have more time to stay focused on growing your business and doing things that really matter.

We strongly believe that no company is too small whether we are holding your construction materials for a few weeks until you need them on a project, or we have thousands of square feet of your product stocked in all of our warehouses and we pull and ship for you daily we have a solution for your business.

Yes, our business model is properly divided between direct consumer user direct distribution.

Of course, we believe accessibility should be a priority in customer service, and we are proud of our service. Every client has access to the operations team in every facility that houses their product. We have a robust “real time” inventory portal that allows instant visibility of your material’s location. Our team is highly trained, they will work together to help solve issues, questions, and requests daily.

Everything that relates to your account is available on the internet. You can check your inventory, track shipments and monitor the status of your order with just a few clicks. You can access all these securely from anywhere using a web browser on your phone or laptop.

We believe our customers are different, and as such, we have a standard fee schedule, yet we work with each client to develop a pricing structure for their needs. We take the time to study your business approach to create a tailored proposal for your company’s needs. We ensure that our recommendations are detailed and comprehensive as they consider your product, volume order characteristics, and your specific requirements. Since it is usually a lot of work, it takes us about two days to get the final proposal.

The time for set-up generally varies depending on the project and the complexities involved. In most cases, it takes between seven to ten days to be fully onboarded and utilizing our services.

We have been in warehousing and distribution for over 16 years dealing with hundreds of our own end user customers and we have the infrastructure in place to be able to offer turnkey success. We have grown over the years to become experts in what we do, which freight solutions to use in what situations as well as all the unusual hurdles that arise in order fulfillment.

No, our services are available month to month you can cancel with 30 days written notice and we can also offer an extended term contract for long term storage, our goal is service with flexibility.

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