Innovative Packaging, Efficient Use of Materials, Reduced Waste: Why Choose Cinch 3PL?

Our Sustainability Process

At Cinch 3PL, we take sustainability seriously. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our innovative packaging solutions, energy-efficient operations, and waste reduction efforts. We believe that by making responsible choices today, we can create a better tomorrow for everyone.

Innovative Packaging

We’ve designed new cardboard materials to replace the commonly disliked packaging peanuts. This not only reduces plastic usage but also enhances the unboxing experience for customers. These boxes are available in different sizes, ensuring optimal use and minimal waste.

Effective Use of Materials

Every part of our packaging is used. We break down the materials, remove any foreign objects, and recycle them. In fact, while typically only 40-50% of cardboard can be recycled, we’ve managed to push that number closer to 60%.

Reduced Waste

In the realm of inventory management, accuracy is king. Our triple scanning system—scanning the location, moveable unit (MU), and item—ensures ultimate precision in tracking each piece, whether it’s a single item or hundreds of individual pieces. This meticulous approach ensures each kit is built correctly, every time.

Our Facilities

Our facilities are designed with energy efficiency in mind. All of our facilities have low energy requirements and are self-maintained. Our forklifts are electric, producing zero emissions, and our Warehouse Management System (WMS) efficiency minimizes paper usage. Our next two facilities will feature solar integration to upload power to the grid, and a battery wall to collect power for charging our machines.

We're on our way to achieving NETZERO.

Driving Client Success Through Sustainable Practices at Cinch 3PL

At Cinch 3PL, we believe that sustainability isn’t just a corporate responsibility—it’s a strategic advantage. Our comprehensive sustainability process not only contributes to environmental preservation but also drives value for our clients, helping them save time, reduce costs, and meet their corporate objectives.

Here’s the Added Value for Your Business:

Reusing Waste: We transform our waste into packing materials, eliminating the need for compacting and outsourcing services

Lower Costs: By using less petroleum, we reduce costs for our customers and keep more trucks off the road.

Environmental Impact: Our commitment to creating less waste helps the environment and allows our partners to achieve their sustainability goals.

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